Affordable Prices

Our prices are tailored to meet your needs.  We offer Pay per Hour Plan, Rolling Total Plan and Monthly Payment Plan.  We also have discounted versions of the Pay per Hour Plans and Monthly Payment Plans for Charities and Non-Profit entities.

Pay per Hour Plans

  • $85/hour in 1 hour increments if we do the work at your site; $75/hour in 15 min increments if we do the work from our site.
  • If we work more than 10 hours per month for you the price goes down $5 per hour after every 10 hours but no less than $60/hour.

Rolling Total Plan

  • It is a Pay per Hour Plan where we negotiate a monthly cap.
  • You do not pay more than the monthly cap per month.
  • The extra hours are added to the total and rolled forward until you catch up.

Monthly Payment Plan

They are calculated based on the number of users and the equipment that you need maintained.  You pay a fixed amount per mouth and we provide you with as many hours as needed every month.  The Monthly Payment Plans require a 2 years contract and the contract is reevaluated and renegotiated every year.

Call us at 503-626-3584 or 503-206-2639 for Charity and Non-Profit Payment Plans.

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