Residential Services


  • computer cleaning (software and hardware)
  • hardware repairs;
  • virus and spyware removal;
  • data backup and restore.


We will evaluate your current equipment and advise you about the costs to repair or replace.


Based on your needs we will advise you what equipment or software to buy and help you find a good deal.


We will install your equipment and/or software and configure it to your needs.


We provide hardware and software maintenance on a pay per hour or on a monthly contract.


We will help you understand your equipment and software, how to use it and we also can provide ‘How To’ notes with detailed instructions.

Internet Infrastructure

We will help you set-up and maintain your presence on the Web. Based on your needs and your budget we will help you choose your ISP, your connection method, how much you can do in-house and how much you should outsource.

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